Guidelines for authors for issue 2 / 2020

Issue 1 / 2019


In the second decade of the 21st century, the dynamics and interrelations between people, spaces, and rituals led to a desire to re-conceptualize those concepts through different anthropocentric, holistic, political-centric or cultural paradigms.
The social sciences and humanities are constantly enriched with new research perspectives that are blurred and mark new methodological boundaries between the different disciplines. The e-collection Between the Worlds: People, Spaces and Rituals explores societies in various geographical regions by initiating a debate on interactions between people in different spaces through interdisciplinary perspectives. It studies how entanglement between old and new, local, national and global perceptions, experiences and practices become more visible in the contemporary world and how individuals and communities react to cultural changes that affect their lives. Researchers from different fields focus on this complex process of interconnection between local and global cultures.

This is the first issue of the Between the worlds series to be released as an online edition of IEFSEM – BAS, and Paradigma since 2019. It is the result of an international interdisciplinary conference, held on October 30 and 31, 2017, bringing together scientists and experts from Bulgaria, Spain, Russia, Norway, Switzerland, the USA, and others. The texts included in issue 1 have undergone a double anonymous review.